فتاة الجيشا: الحقائق والأساطير

  • أبو حمزة الباحث في مرحلة الدكتوراة، مركز الدراسات العربية والإفريقية، جامعة جواهر لال نهرو، دلهي الجديدة-الهند
Keywords: Geisha, Okiya, Japan, Japanese Culture, Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony, الجيشا، الأوكيا، اليابان، الثقافة اليابانية، تنسيق الزهور، حفلة الشائ


Geisha are some Japanese women who are traditional Japanese artists distinguished by their unique beauty and grace. They care about commercial events and serve in banquet parties and they dance and help rich men in parties. False myths about geisha have spread among Westerners and non-Japanese Asians. Western people think that Geisha are prostitutes and this thought is misleading because Geisha are not prostitutes but they are traditional Japanese artists and don’t sleep with customers for money. A night with the Geisha is like spending an evening with an old friend because of their way of talking and conversations. In fact, Westerners, Arabs, and especially Egyptians, are deeply excited by the enigmatic world of geisha. Infect most of the people don’t know about the reality of Geisha because of contrasting information.