تحديد العقلنة المذهبية عند ابن خلدون

  • د. محمد أجمل الأستاذ المساعد، مركز الدراسات العربية والإفريقية، جامعة جواهر لال نهرو – نيودلهي – الهند.
Keywords: Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, Philosopy, Rationalization, Doctrine, Methodoligical., ابن خلدون، مقدمة، الفلسفة، العقلنة، الاعتقاد، المنهجية


It is not easy for anyone to inquire that Ibn Khaldun wrote in his writings a deliberate pursuit of a subject, which he dealt with in the structure of comprehension of the scope of a inclusive assignment. Ibn Khaldun deals with a method in his approaches that analyzed some of the total imaginations that combine parts to create a real overview. The cultural and universal perceptions of Ibn Khaldun do not have to be corrected by writing a chapter in history and another chapter in politics, and third in religion etc... But it was suggested that in Ibn Khaldun's vision, all that comes into being with one model of knowledge comes to mind, beginning with pure thought to reach the plate. The intensive mechanism of expertise relates to history, sociology, politics and religion.Considering that, it has been sought to stand up to Ibn Khaldun's religious writing. However, in the case of his methodology, we are far from being conventional, so in particular we offer a special understanding that shouts from the reading that takes great care of his (Muqaddimah) Prolegomena, and in its methodological connotation, this paper partly has intended to address. And we have nothing but the text to evaluate his narrative to the origin of the religious perception that testifies Ibn Khaldun.